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Safety First,
Quality Always

Quality Assurance

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Safety and quality are at the core of everything we do to ensure we produce quality, safe and healthy products each day.



We take great pride in the quality of our people. Our operations team are highly experienced in food production.  



The kitchen gently crafts and dries the products taking care throughout the production process to maintain the nutritional integrity of the finished products by using both innovative and artisan processing technologies.


Our culinary kitchen operates to the highest global food safety standards including HACCP, USFDA, FEDIAF guidelines and GMP implementation. We are approved and regulated by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Marine of Ireland.

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Our journey
towards Sustainable Pet Nutrition




Our product portfolio allows us to have a positive impact on our Pets, our People and our Planet.

Our Pets

Our product portfolio allows us to have a positive impact on our Pets, our People and our Planet. As we increase our reach and our nutritional impact, we will simultaneously reduce our environmental footprint through a focus on our operations and by working with our suppliers to ensure sustainable production of our raw materials. We’re consistently innovating to make our food more sustainable, from upcycling premium meats, reducing food waste, to minimising water and energy usage. We’re also committed to supporting our local farmers and producers in Ireland and actively protecting the countryside around us. For us, we are committed to responsible sourcing and processing to create a positive nutritional impact for our pets.

Most exciting however is the opportunity to co-create healthy and nutritious solutions with our customers, innovating to meet their challenges and delivering more sustainable pet food offerings that meet the evolving pet parent demands.


Our People

Alongside this nutritional impact, we see other opportunities to positively engage with people and communities to help shape a better world. We believe that companies must always act ethically, and we are clear on our expectations of our colleagues and business partners. We actively promote an open and including culture. We are committed to upholding human rights and we continue to work across our operations and supply chains to protect the rights of workers and communities.


Our Planet

We have adopted to sourcing local, nutritious ingredients where we can and only use eco-friendly packaging. We work with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality and animal welfare, environmental and social standards are met. All our food waste from production goes to anaerobic digestion to create energy. We have partnered with O’Brien Fine Foods to responsibly up-cycle premium meats in a sustainable way to reduce food waste. Our new processing equipment is best-in-class, leading technology that reduces our energy requirements and our impact on the environment.

These initiatives reduce our paw print and helps us create a positive impact on our Pets, our People and our Planet.

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